BLOCKFERENCE | Céline Moille : voix prépondérante dans la réglementation de la blockchain et de la crypto !

As head of Yellaw’s blockchain department, Céline works closely with the blockchain and crypto regulatory environment in Malta. She states the directives put in place by Malta earlier this year are a step in the right direction. For non-lawyer types in can defy common sense, but the introduction of palpable laws surrounding ICOs and STOs do not limit but create greater levels of freedom for companies and their projects.

“At this time for me it’s good, as a lawyer we have regulation, we have rules, it is what we need. For example in France we have no regulation for ICOs or STOs, so it’s more complicated, if you want to do an ICO in France you have to use the normal system, and as you’re using crypto and blockchain technology it’s in no way the same, you need to have certification in KYC or AML. For me, the Maltese system is good because they have found a solution and they have decided to bring in regulation and new rules when you want to complete an ICO or STO.”

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